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Asian Gay Culture and Western Influences – Part 4

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Singapore – Cruisy and Free but within Limits

Singapore is a multi-cultural society with majority Chinese population. It had developed economically as a British colony, part of what were termed the Straits Settlements – a tripartite trading centre along with Malacca and Penang. As the British withdrew from their Empire, Singapore was given a degree of self-governance in 1959. The leader of the majority party, English-educated Lee Kuan-yew, felt that Singapore could not possibly exist on its own.

So he went into a formal alliance with his Malayan neighbours to the north and formed Malaysia – the ‘SI’ in Malaysia refers to Singapore. That marriage quickly died. Malaysia’s constitution gave preference in many aspects of life to ethnic Malays, clearly unacceptable in Chinese-dominated Singapore. The Malay leaders, sensitive that their minority Chinese population controlled much of the commerce and industry, did not like the idea of yet more Chinese…

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